Book Review of Ivanka Trump’s “The Trump Card”

After finishing Ivanka Trump’s new book “The Trump Card”, I’m happy to report that my initial impressions of this remarkable woman were correct, and then some.  After watching her for the past few seasons on “The Apprentice”, I’ve grown to truly respect her individuality, obvious intellect, and careful insights.  She a star all on her own.

In her book, she reinforces all of these traits that I’ve grown to associate with her, all the while showing her readers many more.  She’s incredibly hard working, but doesn’t deny that she’s been given certain advantages by her family’s name and money.  But she doesn’t take any of these for granted.  She had to earn her way into the Trump Organization and she wouldn’t have it any other way.  Her famous father has ensured that she take nothing for granted as has her mother, Ivana.  They have raise a truly amazing daughter.  A true role model for all of us women in Generation Y who have very few, if any, to name.  Ivanka Trump stands at the top in my book!

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  1. Torrie Lecy says:

    Well, i have to be studying, however , this stuff is actually simply just too outstanding to ignore

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