Book Review of Napoleon Hill’s “Think & Grow Rich”

This classic book needs no introduction.  It is the grandfather of all motivational and inspriational books.  Napoleon Hill’s philosophy dictates that the mind controls all and that one’s control over his or her mind determines his or her success. It seems quite simple, yet very complicated to digest on the first read.  That’s why Mr. Hill suggests reading the book at least three times in order to truly understand his philosophy.  After all, he spent over 20 years compiling research to develop the philosophy that he advocates by studying the greats such as Andrew Carnegie (who suggested Hill write the book) and Henry Ford and many other successful men and women.

From what I understand thus far, it all begins with our desire.  Our desire for something sends thoughts to our subconscious.  The intensity of our desire determines our success.  Faith plays a big role too.  I’m too new to Mr. Hill’s philosophy to explain anymore from there.  All I can say is READ THIS BOOK! If you read no other book in the New Year 2010, read this one.  It will challenge you to control your mind and take your life to new and unexplored heights without limitation.  Perceived limitations that once prevented you from pursuing your dreams vanish and suddenly make those dreams seems possible and within your grasp.  Don’t take it from me though.  Make it a resolution to read this book in the New Year 2010!  It’s well worth the investment.

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