The New Year

As the New Year approaches, I find myself brimming with excitement!  I believe that the New Year’s holiday is perhaps my favorite.  New Year’s Eve parties are filled with so much hope, excitement, and optimism, it’s so contagious!  And it occurs at the most perfect time of year – when the days are short and darkness is long.  It’s very easy to slow down and get depressed.  But then we get this wonderful New Year to celebrate!  We can evaluate and celebrate our achievements during the outgoing year and resolve to do even better in the incoming year.

My biggest New Year’s resolution is to establish more meaningful relationships by building upon the ones that I do have and reaching out to those that I’d like to establish.  I ordered some beautiful embossed stationary and I plan to write personal letters to colleagues and people that I would like to get to know.  I will write the letters when I see that someone has achieved something meaningful or something that I’d like to know more about.  I hope that this will bring more meaningful relationships my way!

Happy New Year!

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