Book Review: Think Like a Champion by Donald Trump

After reading Donald Trump’s Think Like a Champion, I was pleasantly surprised about the layout of the book.  It is a collection of essays that Mr. Trump has written over the years. The titles are in no particular order but they do seem to build on each other.  The essays are reminiscent of the earlier episodes of The Apprentice where “The Donald” would critique a team or team member’s performance with such headlines as “Leading By Consensus” or “Teamwork”.

As usual, Mr. Trump knocks this book out of the park!  His advice is unquestionable and his knowledge of other things unrelated to business is impressive.  Each chapter has a quote from some sage ranging from Aristotle to Eleanor Roosevelt.  Mr. Trump explains that his love of quotes comes from his father who used to send him various quotes while he was attending school.

In short, Think Like a Champion is a winner!  Buy it, read it, then read it again.  Learn from the best and keep moving forward.

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