Trusting the Intentions of Others

How do you know when to trust someone?  I struggle with this question as I am approached with various people wanting to meet me or collaborate with me.  As my star rises, the more people want from me. 

For most of my adult life I have tried not to be a cynic. However, I now find cynicism to be a great survival tool.  Mostly, I see the good in everyone I meet.  But these past couple of years have brought on a constant barrage of people wanting a piece of me.  Thus, I’ve developed two terms – cautious encounters and careful cynicism.  These phrases remind me to use caution when meeting someone new, but they also encourage me to not to jump to hasty conclusion or assume the worst.  This is my attempt at balance.  I refuse to let this world turn me into a bitter cynic.  Therefore, I will continue to be optimistic about my future cautious endeavors.

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