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The Art of Mingling

When attending a party or other social or professional event, it can be intimidated to meet others.  I found a great article from SUCCESS magazine on the Art of Mingling that I found especially helpful during those awkward times. Not everyone’s

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As we all gather with our families and friends to celebrate this most American of holidays, we are reminded to give thanks.  What I’d like to propose, both for myself and my readers, is that we practice gratitude each and

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Are Your Habits Serving YOU? by Vanessa Kennon

 Welcome to a beautiful fall Tuesday.  I guess that depends on where you live and what you think is beautiful.  For me, it’s lots of sunshine and, if I’m lucky, includes a beautiful beach where I was fortunate enough to

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Success is Everything by Jim Rohn

Because this Blog is called “The Success Design”, I thought this article was most appropriate: Someone once said to me that success isn’t everything, and I think I know what they really meant. I believe they really meant that money

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