Are Your Habits Serving YOU? by Vanessa Kennon

 Welcome to a beautiful fall Tuesday.  I guess that depends on where you live and what you think is beautiful.  For me, it’s lots of sunshine and, if I’m lucky, includes a beautiful beach where I was fortunate enough to spend the last 4 days.  It was absolutely stunning weather, the beach was virtually deserted, which contributed to a lot of quiet time for me to read, think, dream and give gratitude for so many things.  I feel revived and renewed! 


It’s a scientific fact, when we allow time for renewal; we are much more creative in our ideas and solutions.  So, don’t forget to make time for yourself!  Making time for oneself is a productive habit that can serve each of us just like so many other habits we can create.  A habit is nothing more than an acquired behavior pattern that becomes almost involuntary.  This means we were not born with it, rather, we created it!  Some of our habits are productive and serve us well others, however, are not. 


Take a moment and really assess if your habits seek to serve you or, instead, are just plain non-productive, even destructive.  If you created a non-productive habit, you can certainly UN-create it.  Better yet, you can replace a non-productive habit with a productive one.  For example, some of my readers suggested getting up an hour earlier each morning in an effort to get a better start on the day.  They reported that, yes, it was challenging but well worth the effort and they achieved their desired result.


Certainly we all posses good and bad habits.  I urge you to join us on one of these 21-day challenges and institute a newer habit that serves you, individually; and our global community as a whole.  We’re on day 14 of inputting 21 minutes of motivating information into our minds.  I truly hope you’ve taken this opportunity to heart and seen positive results.  I’ve spent the last several days reading from Marianne Williamson’s book The Gift of Change: Spiritual Guidance for Living Your Best Life, which I highly recommend.  Her message fits with what we’ve been focusing on….becoming great Change Agents!


To Your Habitual Triumph!



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