As we all gather with our families and friends to celebrate this most American of holidays, we are reminded to give thanks.  What I’d like to propose, both for myself and my readers, is that we practice gratitude each and every day.  Whether it’s being thankful for the ability to get out of bed each morning to having a happy marriage or fulfilling career, we can all practice gratitude.

We can also all be gracious to one another.  I believe that everyone we meet can offer something glorious to our lives.  They can provide a perspective that we had not considered.  They can come along with the right opportunity or encouraging words that we need.  Don’t forget the thank these people.  In fact, make it a habit of writing 3-5 emails or letters each week thanking those who have made a difference in your life.  You do not know what an impact your letter may have on its recipient.

Above all, do these things with gratitude!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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