Have you ever lost someone in your life who is irreplaceable?  I figure that most of us have lost someone whether it be by death or distance.  Friends come and go, family members grow apart, but the lucky among us are blessed with someone truly special.  Someone irreplaceable.  Someone who acts as a beacon to our otherwise ordinary lives.  It feels that our time with these special people is too short.

My time with my father was too short.  Although his legend lives on both in my heart and in all the hearts of the many that he touched, I miss him everyday.  With every accolade or award or special occasion, I think of him.  He was taken from me when I was thirteen.  Cancer is a crual and evil disease.

How do you go on after losing someone so special?  You just do.  Life is for the living and I don’t intend wasting one minute of it.  My father will always be part of me and he lives on as I live.  For me to stop living means that his memory will slowly die.  But for each day that I live to my fullest potential, my father is being exhalted.  All the things he left me must be nurtured.  I have heard it said that those who live in the past die a little each day.  Well, I want to live!  And living is what I intend to do!  I want to be irreplaceable to all those in my life.

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