Meet Christy Rach – A Story of Triumph

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Last week’s show:  Meet Christy Rach – A Story of Triumph

Christy Rach is a 32 year old Obstetric Fistula survivor. At 30, when Christy went into labor, and delivered her baby, she had never heard of an obstetric fistula, but she quickly found out what it was. It was the most horrific and devastating condition that a new mother can live with. It took away her dignity, and ability to live a normal life for 15 months. After seeing countless surgeons trying to find someone who could repair her fistula, her search came to an end at Vanderbilt University Medical Center in March of 2010. Christy went in for surgery in May of 2010, and to this day is fistula free. She currently runs a support group called “Living With Obstetric Fistula” where women who are victims or survivors of obstetric fistula can share their stories or receive much needed support during this difficult time in their lives.
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