The Royal Wedding

As I watch wall to wall coverage of the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton, I  can’t help but smile. I love weddings! William and Kate have found a soul mate in each other and the world gets to celebrate their union. In a world filled with so much unfortunate news including the recent destruction and lost lives in the severe weather in
the southern United States, it’s nice to have something to celebrate. Some may see all the news coverage as excessive or superfluous. I see it as a broadcast journalism celebrating the good amongst so much bad.

Queen Elizabeth II has just announced that she will bestow the titles of Duke and Duchess of Cambridge upon the newly married couple. Prince William is second in line to the British throne. His legacy comes with enormous responsibility. But Prince William has done a magnificent job. He truly is “The People’s Prince” much like his mother, Princess Diana, was “The People’s Princess”. For example, the night before his nuptials, he went outside and greeted all those who had gathered to celebrate his wedding. His main concern – he was worried that the people might be cold. He mingled with the crowd, asked various spectators where they were from and thanked them for their support. He truly is his mother’s son. I can only imagine that Princess Diana is smiling down upon her eldest son from heaven and giving her blessing on his marriage to the delightful Kate Middleton.

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