Overcoming Life’s Difficulties

Life is difficult says author M. Scott Peck.  It’s how we handles these difficulites that determine our fate.  Here are a few tips for overcoming adversity.

1.) Stop trying to understand “why” and focus on “what”. When we are faced with difficult times in our lives it’s very easy to ask “why”. Why did I lose my job, why did my partner leave me, why did this happen to me? The truth is we may never know “why”. The more time we spend trying to understand why the less time we are spending on what we can do to solve the current problem. I have heard it said that many people get caught in the “paralysis of analysis” and get stuck trying to figure the root cause of the problem. If you have a problem you are facing stop asking why and start asking what! What step can I make right now, what can I do next? Even if you only change your attitude you are at least making a step.

2.) Practice the 80/20 rule. Spend 80% of your time on the solution of the problem and 20% on the problem. What you focus on gets bigger. Look at your life and give more energy to the solution than you give to the problem itself.

3.) You are more than your problem. Do not let your identity be your current situation. Take a look at your skill set, your gifts and remember that you are more than the problems you are now facing.

4.) Your past does not equal your future. Today is a new day. Today you have a new start. You can focus on what is over and unchangeable and miss making it better, or you can make a new start and new choices today. Trying to change your future while totally focusing on the past is like trying to drive your car only looking in the rearview mirror.

5.) Be grateful. Regardless of where you are in your life right now you are alive and reading this. In the most difficult times it is crucial to find the blessings in life. Many times the only immediate change we can make in our life is from within. Find a blessing in the midst of challenge.

The above post was partially excerpted from Dale Smith Thomas’ Motivational Monday.
To learn more about Dale, visit her website at www.winnersbychoice.com

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