Sometimes I Feel Like Imelda Marcos

Like most Americans, I have too much stuff. I have a huge closet, which is my dream closet really, but it’s packed with stuff.  I really don’t need that many clothes and I don’t need 100 pairs of shoes.  Certainly, I don’t need it, but I WANT it!  That’s the problem.  I was reminded about how much stuff we have and don’t need as my husband and I watched a George Carlin bit on “Stuff”.  Mr. Carlin, in only the way that he can, ridiculed people and their obsession with stuff.  He even chided the storage industry as a way to hold on to our stuff and get paid.  Hilarious stuff!

So what do we do?  Obtain less stuff?  Keep only the treasures?  Something tells me that we are going to keep on acquiring stuff because it makes us happy.  I would bet that our dopamine levels are much higher as we shop and acquire things.  It makes us feel good.  And that’s okay.  Just as long as we keep our “stuff” in perspective.  I, for one, will not be catching up to Imelda Marcos’ 1,060 pairs of shoes anytime soon.  However, I did post as a photo to this blog of the pair of Gucci shoes that I really want!


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