Internet Radio Show: Special Guest Layla Wright

Layla Wright is not ordinary, she’s extraordinary! Writing her memoirs, meeting the President, and changing the world.  It’s all in a day’s work for Layla. This year, Layla published her memoirs, A Memoir of Layla: Shining Light into Darkness. This prose comes directly from her journals, ones that she’s been keeping since she was 13. One June 6, 2011, Layla was privileged to meet President Oba…ma at a Young Leaders’ Conference in the Roosevelt room of the White House.  She had participated in the “100 Youth Roundtables” Initiative and came to Washington, DC for a de-brief with President Obama, his Senior Staff, and DC-based youth advocates. Meeting President Obama has inspired Layla to continue to bring positive change to her community.  She has established the Appalachian Social Advancement Program whose goals are to orchestrate civic engagement and create social, political and economic awareness in Appalachia.
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