Book Review: Greatness by Don Yaeger

Greatness is an exceptional read. Aside from the research and content which I enjoyed immensely, this book is well-organized. The homogeneous structure of each chapter creates an expectation that each chapter would explore each characteristic as thoroughly as the previous one.

My favorite stories come from the chapters on discipline and priorities. These chapters include stories on the Tennessee Volunteers’ women’s basketball head coach Pat Summitt and NFL Quarterback Tom Brady. You’ll want to note these stories as you read through these chapters as these stories are poignant and illustrate the chapter’s characteristic beautifully. All of the stories that are included in this book are illustrative. I urge you to read and re-read each one.

Greatness is well-researched and contains excellent content to illustrate each of the sixteen characteristics of true champions. It provides in-depth examples of athletes and business men and women. Each chapter ends with a challenge for the reader to implement the characteristic being discussed.

In short, it would behoove you to spend time reading this book. Its practical advice at the end of each chapter is applicable to everyone and the examples provided are inspirational as well. Using an analogy from my favorite sport, Don Yaegar hits this one out of the park.

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