Robert Gignac: “Rich is a State of Mind”


About my radio show interview with Robert:

If we are going to achieve our goals, enrich our lives, and discover new horizons – just how do we accomplish that? “Your Richly Imagined Future” is not just a platitude about being a better person – it is about having a greater impact on the people you associate with and developing a solid financial future at the same time.

Material will be drawn from Robert’s Canadian bestseller “Rich is a State of Mind”, showing the parallels between personal and financial development, and how our concerns about personal finance directly affect our lives and our relationship with the people around us.

During the discussion Robert will share with you his thoughts about financial leadership, discuss the myths of “financial happiness”, and provide insights into financial questions you may be thinking about, but don’t know how to ask your advisor  (or may simply be too afraid to…).

“Your Richly Imagined Future” covers multiple topics including Motivation, Leadership, Fiscal Responsibility and Financial Growth. How you deal with these topics is critical to your ability to deal with life’s everyday events with the goal of developing solid long-term relationship with your finances.

 The four key areas are:

1) Understanding your “Current Reality”

2) Developing a picture of your “Richly Imagined Future”

3) Encouraging an attitude for “Disruption”

4) Sharing the power of “Choice”

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Listen to my radio show interview with Robert:

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