Bill Patti: Your Voice Professor

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Bill Patti of teaches voice/speech communication skills to company employees and individuals across the USA. Today‘s speech topic is… “Presenting Your New Voice…Voice/Speech Communication Skills For The 21st Century.” These vital skills will improve lives in 3 distinct ways…tips to make more MONEY,find trueLOVEand developpersonalCONFIDENCE.

No matter the age, occupation or lifestyle…my proper breathing, articulation, resonance, projection and pitch methods, will positively impact lives. Learn new voice techniques to improve everyday conversations, work presentations, telephone skills, even your love life. Understand key non verbal communication signals revealed by potential dating partners, to help you connect with the right person.

Proper vocal and speaking skills are a vital tool that has been ignored in recent years by schools and educational programs. I will reveal the secrets to success that can come from a polished vocal presentation and delivery.

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