James Goi, Jr.: “How to Attact Money Using Mind Power”

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James Goi Jr. is a speaker, mind-power coach, and the author of How to Attract Money Using Mind Power. On the show we will discuss the subject matter from James’ book. James will explain the various mind power principles and techniques that anyone can use to begin attracting a whole lot more money into their lives. James will give insight into the power of desire and how one can develop an increased desire for more money and how belief and expectancy factor into the money-attracting equation. You’ll learn what the money mindset is and how you can develop yours into a powerful attractive force which will attract money to you as if by magic. You’ll discover exactly how your thoughts and feelings affect and govern your financial circumstances and how to think and feel in ways which will aid you in improving your finances.

James teaches that in order to be able to consistently manifest your desired circumstances, whether financial or otherwise, you will do well to gain a solid working knowledge of how the subconscious mind works and how to operate your subconscious mind for optimal results. You’ll also learn of the great power of your spoken words, and how to speak in ways which will move you steadily towards the realization of your financial dreams. During this interview you will learn what you need to know to create the financial life of your dreams. You can contact James at james@jamesgoijr.com and you can visit his website at http://jamesgoijr.com

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