Julie Diver: AM Fight Club Founder & Fitness Guru

Click here to listen to my interview with Julie:

AM FightClub is an online workout program that will fit all your aerobic exercise needs. The website (www.amfightclub.com) has it all and it’s available when you need it! AM FightClub offers subscription 24/7 streaming fitness videos… you can logon anytime, anywhere and get just the workout, you are looking for! It’s truly a comprehensive broadband gym, online workout program, and internet fitness program all rolled into one!

Founder Julie Diver’s message is to never give up. Fitness and contentment in life is a journey, not a destination. We all have ups and downs and fitness and well-being are no different. The race doesn’t go to the fastest, but rather to the one who will stick with it and stay in the “fight” for the long haul. Our attitude is never quit and always keep moving, not only in fitness but in life as well!


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