“Marilyn, Joe & Me”

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Marilyn Monroe and Joe DiMaggio, both American icons, were married for less than a year in 1954.  Have you ever wondered what courtship and marriage was like for Hollywood’s most glamorous starlet and America’s favorite baseball son?  As we observe the 50th anniversary of the passing of Marilyn Monroe this month, we’re going to learn a whole lot more about this most fascinating couple!

Author Mary Jane Popp has written a book about their very secret marriage titled “Marilyn, Joe & Me”.  Joe DiMaggio never spoke publicly about his romance with Marilyn Monroe but his niece, June DiMaggio, consulted with Mary Jane on the book and gave her a look at what the star couple’s relationship was like from behind closed doors. The book talks about the romance from start to finish including the death of Marilyn and how Joe handled it.

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