Are You Jealous?

by Vanessa Kennon

I don’t watch much TV but I must admit to being incredibly interested in Oprah’s Life Class series.  Sunday night was a rerun and some of you may have watched it.  It’s the one where Oprah has Iyanla Vanzant as a guest and they are preemptively advertising for her then upcoming show on the OWN Network. 

The topic was something along the lines of the things women do to hurt each other and the reasons they do them.  I have several good girlfriends so, of course, I was interested.  One of the “reasons” they offered was that if one woman has something good happen to her, those close to her may feel as though “if you get something good then there will not be enough for me.”  Wow, light bulb moment for me!

I reflected on a happening several years ago when this very scenario was played out. It was one of the saddest things a friend ever said to me.  A dear friend of mine had met and become engaged to a wonderful man.  They truly seemed to be a “match made in Heaven.” I was on the phone with her and extolling my joy for her as I had known her for quite some time and knew that she desired to be happily married and start a family.  I felt honored to be in the presence of its manifestation.

The sad part came when she responded with “you’re the only friend I have who is genuinely happy for me.”  I was stunned!  My first thought was that she didn’t have very many genuine friends.  It made my heart hurt.  Here was this beautiful woman finally getting her opportunity to embrace true love and joy and those that claimed to be her
friends were jealous because it wasn’t them. 

I think about this often and how so many people miss their blessing because they are envious or jealous of others.  What I am certain of is this: Rejoicing in your good fortune only sets the stage for the blessing that is rushing my way.  If I get to feel even a small ray of your joy and sample a taste of it, then I am blessed already.

I believe that the Universe is abundant in all good ways.  It is us that must prepare
ourselves by being willing to receive and claim this goodness.  How does one get prepared?  By being joyful for those that come into their blessings now, anticipating and peacefully knowing our blessing is on its way.  In the meantime, be grateful for all that we enjoy currently.  Gratitude is the quickest way to being fruitful for even more of what you want in your life.

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One comment on “Are You Jealous?
  1. Trish Thompson says:

    Insightful and right on spot. If women could tap into the collective power we have when aligned one to another as a gender rather than perpetuating the persistent jealously and competitive spirit so prevalent, the power in friendship and solidarity would be amazing and life-changing. I’d be interested to read your insight on how you think we can move from here to there. I enjoy your blog!

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