Interview: Transform Your Life Now by Andrea J. Moses, M.S.W.

1. What is Get Life Smart about and why is it essential for “having it all”?

Get Life Smart is about knowing what you want, and having the ability to actually make it happen. The fact is, most people know what they want¾the right romantic partner, the dream job, making lots of money, great health, feeling happy¾and they try for it. But, unfortunately, they don’t always get there. The challenge then becomes how to figure out why you aren’t getting the results you want, despite your best efforts. 

Get Life Smart means having a practical way of knowing what is holding you back from getting what you want. And then creating a plan to achieve your desired results. Get Life Smart is absolutely essential for “having it all” because unless you understand your success barriers, you will end up becoming increasingly discouraged, and even start feeling hopeless about your ability to make your dreams a reality.

2. Why is Get Life Smart dependent on accessing your emotional truth?

Your emotional truth is how you really feel about what is happening in your life and how people are treating you. Understanding your emotional truth is essential for it will give you clues as to what is holding you back from achieving your goals.

Mary, a client of mine, was deeply discouraged about her dead-end career. She worked hard, did what was asked of her, yet she always ended up being passed over for a promotion. So to try to get ahead, Mary would frequently change jobs. But no matter how often she changed jobs, Mary would always end up in the same situation¾with an abusive boss who never valued her work.

Why had Mary’s career gotten stuck? Because she was not aware of her emotional truth. The fact was, Mary was an anxious fearful person who was easily bullied by authority figures. Although Mary was not aware of how appeasing and compliant she was, her bosses saw it immediately. And so they never respected her ability. This is the reason she was always passed over for promotions.

If Mary had been aware of her emotional truth¾her fearfulness¾she could have taken steps to build up her confidence, and become the type of  employee that senior management would have wanted to promote. But because she ignored her emotional truth¾her true feelings¾she remained unaware of her success barriers. Thus, her career became dead-end.

3. Why do people who access their emotional truth enjoy greater success and happiness than people who ignore it?

Your emotional truth, being your feelings, is always giving you messages to enable you to maximize your best interests. And so in the workplace, for example, if you recognize that you are not being valued or respected, your emotional truth would tell you that there is no real future there in terms of a promotion or a salary increase. As a result, rather than wasting years complaining about your lousy boss and your becoming increasingly bitter, your emotional truth would guide you to start working on your resume and find alternative employment where you are valued. 

I had a client named Mark who was in sales. He worked in a toxic office environment whereby his sales colleagues ended up competing with each and stealing each other’s customers. The constant competitiveness was so draining, Mark started to sink into feelings of hopelessness and worthlessness. As a result, his performance started to slip.

When I first began to coach Mark, his self esteem was so low, he didn’t believe it was possible to get another job. But over a number of months, we turned this around. In the process of being coached, Mark  began to believe in himself again. Together we created a new resume. The end result was that Mark was offered 4 jobs in a period of 2 weeks. As soon as he was hired in his new position where he was valued and respected, Mark started to feel great about himself, with his success and happiness steadily climbing.

4. How does Get Life Smart help a person find the right romantic partner?

Get Life Smart means becoming aware of your emotional truth, and entering a new relationship with your eyes wide open, as opposed to wide shut.

Emotional truth is a record of all the feelings you have had from the start of your life, and is recorded in your subconscious mind. It records how you felt about the way you were treated during every part of your growing up life experience. If you have had unhappy experiences as a child, chances are you will have buried some of your more painful experiences¾situations where you may have been degraded or treated in unloving ways.

To find the right romantic partner, the one who will keep you happy over the long term, you must stay conscious or aware of all your feelings. If you have gotten into the habit of burying your emotional truth in the form of painful memories from the past, when your partner does something you don’t feel good about, you will tend to ignore it, focusing rather on what you do like. This is the reason why a person can end up in an ugly divorce situation wondering how they ever got involved with such an undesirable partner. 

Get Life Smart means staying connected to your emotional truth so that you will be able to immediately spot a kind loving person who is into you, and easily avoid a man or woman who says the right things but does not follow through, and is not capable of truly loving and valuing you.

5. What are the questions to help us Get Life Smart?

 Get Life Smart will show you the way to advance in your career, find the right romantic partner, improve your health and vitality, de-stress, and feel happy on a daily basis. The 5 Get Life Smart questions will   enable you to access your emotional truth, letting you know what is preventing you from achieving success and happiness. The questions are as follow:

1. What is My Vision? will allow you to set a pathway for where you want to go. When you are clear about your Vision, you will take action to move your Vision forward. And in the reverse, when you are in a situation which falls short of what you really want for yourself, you will make quicker decisions about cutting your losses and moving on.

The next 4 questions are ones which will enable you to identify your barriers to success and happiness. They will enable you to be honest about your challenges so that you are able to resolve them and move  forward to your Vision.

2. What is really bothering me?  3. Who am I angry at? 4. Who is draining my energy? 5. Who do I need to forgive?

These latter 4 questions will enable you to get to the source of your success and happiness barriers. They will allow you to surface feelings and beliefs which are holding you back from feeling strong, confident and powerful.

6. How has Get Life Smart enabled people to transform their lives?

The transformations which result from learning how to Get Life Smart are amazing. A conflictual marriage transforms into a loving relationship; people have found their soul mate partners; people have found their dreams jobs and earned significantly more money; a 50 pound weight loss; the ending of addiction to alcohol, drugs, shopping, extramarital affairs; improved health; the creation of a healthy lifestyle; the resolution of depression, anxiety and stress.

Imagine having the power to transform your life, with the ability to create the love, success, happiness, and abundance you desire. Get Life Smart provides you with a direct pathway of turning your dreams into reality.

Andrea J. Moses, M.S.W. is a psychotherapist and life coach. She is author of Transform Your Life Now.

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