The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Mackenzie & Emily

Dallas Cowboys Star

Listen to my interview with Mackenzie & Emily here:

The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders (DCC) are the most recognizable cheerleading squad in the world.  Known for their emblematic uniforms, signature kick line and cowboy boots, the DCCs are, unquestionably, “America’s Sweethearts”.  With the tagline “often imitated, never equaled”, the DCCs must adhere to what Director Kelli Finglass calls “almost unattainable standards”.  So how do the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders live up to these nearly impossible expectations?  We’ll find out as I interview DCC Veteran Mackenzie Lee and DCC Rookie Emily Claire!


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One comment on “The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Mackenzie & Emily
  1. Emily Claire says:

    Hi Beth, Just wanted to say thank you for having us on your show so long ago. I really enjoyed the opportunity : )

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