David O’Brien: Discovering the Leader in You

David O'Brien

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Today’s rapid pace of life and work has produced an unparalleled opportunity for all of us to expand our leadership influence and impact. A key factor in being able to seize this opportunity is our capacity to demonstrate personal accountability and leadership regardless of our role or job title. Not surprisingly, this capacity is most often driven by clarity and purpose both of which result from a heightened level of self-awareness. Additionally, this clarity and purpose allow us to define our own personal leadership formula for work and life based on our unique set of skills, experiences and values.

Since launching WorkChoice Solutions, LLC in 2000, David O’Brien has invested well over 10,000 hours exploring the wide realm of leadership with a single question in mind. Namely, what separates truly great leaders from all of the rest? To be sure, this pursuit has been a learning continuum driven by countless conversations with leaders and teams all over the world as well as considerable reading, writing and self-reflection. TheDiscovering The Leader In You process represents the sum of this continuum as well as a framework for creating a deeper level of influence, impact and joy in all areas of our lives.

To learn more about David O’Brien, please visit him online at www.workchoicesolutions.com or contact him directly at 860.242.1070.

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