Augustine & Smokey: My Fur Babies

Augustine Smokey
Today, my beautiful cats turn eleven years old.  We adopted them in July 2002 when they were just six weeks old.  They are part Maine Coon breed as you can easily tell from the markings on Smokey (bottom).  Augustine has mostly Tabby markings on her (above).  Both of our cats are gorgeous and could easily be “supermodel” cats but it would take time away from sleeping, eating, and other, more important, things in life.

Ian and I love them dearly and plan to spend many more birthdays with our much loved kitty cats!

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One comment on “Augustine & Smokey: My Fur Babies
  1. Ann Shankle says:

    Finally found the article. Love the pictures. I saved them. Been raining all day. Steady rain.

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