|Radio Show Interview| Dr. Erica Kosal: “Road to Resilience”

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The Success Design welcomes Dr. Erica Kosal who speaks to being resilient because she is living it.  Dealing with a husband with serious health problems, Dr. Kosal has managed to put a positive spin on life by creating a website, www.bouncetoresilience.com, as well as a authoring a book.  Her website is well-developed and chalk full of great advice called “Game Plans” where she outlines how to deal with difficult situations.

Here’s a synopsis of our interview:

How do people deal with difficult events that change their lives? The death of a loved one, loss of a job, serious illness, terrorist attacks and other traumatic events.

People generally adapt well over time to life-changing situations and stressful conditions. What enables them to do so? Resilience!

Resilience Expert, Dr. Erica Kosal, discusses how to find your inner resilience.


Dr. Erica Kosal, Resilience Expert, Doctor of Biology, Founder of “Bounce to Resilience”, and Author of “Miracles for Daddy: A Family’s Inspirational Fight against a Modern Medical Goliath”


Dr. Kosal’s Websitehttp://www.bouncetoresilience.com
Radio Show Interviewhttp://www.blogtalkradio.com/bethshankleanderson/2013/10/01/dr-erica-kosal-road-to-resilience

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