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The Success Design welcomes Ben Bressington, CMO of iGAMIFY.  Ben seeks to empower the GenY and Millennial workforce by educating older workers about what drivers the GenYs and the Millennial Generation!

Here’s a synopsis of our interview:

Ben Bressington is an expert on Generation Y and the Millennial Generation.  He understands that the old ways of motivating employees no longer work which is why 1 in 5 employees is looking for a new job and only 19% of employees are satisfied with their job.  This new generation of workers is looking for something else.  They want their work to be meaningful, impactful, and fun.  Feeling like they have made a difference at the end of the day is its own reward.


Ben is the CMO of iGamify.  He is a Global Business Developer, Gamification Expert, and a Behavior Analyst.


Radio Show Interview:  http://www.blogtalkradio.com/bethshankleanderson/2013/10/15/ben-bressington-revealed–exclusive-secrets-to-motivation
Website:  www.igamify.com

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