|Radio Show| Recurring Guest Susan Wingate: Blasting the Market – How to Get Noticed & Published

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The Success Design welcomes Susan Wingate who is a recurring guest on the show to discuss writing and marketing topics.  On this episode, Susan will be speaking about different methods writers can use nowadays to get noticed and published.

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Here’s a synopsis of our interview:

Through the advent of the internet, the publishing industry has changed rapidly. In the last five years, marketing resources have broken open, allowing writers even greater ways to get noticed than ever before. In my interview with Susan, we discussed methods used by industry pros and how you can benefit from these methods.

Our first talking point dissected the need to build a social media platform.  Next, we discussed staying the course and not straying too far away from your purpose.  We determined that it was better to delve deeper into a subject than to cast a wide net.  Third, we examined the need to build a personal network of colleagues through professional organizations in one’s specified field.  Making a concerted effort to help others can reap benefits for your publishing career.  Finally, we considered the importance of learning your markets by finding out who publishes what.  Two good sources are www.writersmarket.com and www.publishersmarketplace.com.

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Susan began writing as a child when she learned her father was a writer.   A vibrant public speaker, Susan offers inspiring, motivational talks about faith, the craft of writing, publishing and marketing, and how to survive in this extremely volatile ePublishing industry. She enjoys chatting with folks about her books at writing conferences, libraries and book stores around the country. She also loves to visit with book clubs for more intimate talks.

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Susan’s new book, Hotter Than Helen!, was recently released to glowing reviews. It’s the most recent one in a series of books called Bobby’s Diner.


Radio Show Interview:  http://www.blogtalkradio.com/bethshankleanderson/2013/10/24/susan-wingate-how-to-get-noticed-published
Website:   www.susanwingate.com

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  1. Beth! I had such a great time on your show yesterday. Thank you for the interview and I can’t wait for next month’s. 🙂

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