Life’s Potholes


As I was going to lunch yesterday, I learned a valuable lesson.  Just when you think things are going pretty well for you, you step in a pothole, literally.

I was meeting a couple of ladies for lunch. I put on a awesome outfit and fixed my hair and makeup just right.  The restaurant was busy so I had to park a block away. I was walking up to the restaurant slightly strutting my stuff because I thought that I looked pretty good when BAM!.  I stepped in a pothole.  Could there be a better metaphor for life?

I struggled to maintain my balance and luckily I didn’t fall completely down to the ground.  I kept my footing, regained my balance and continued walking to the restaurant with a bit of a bruised ego.  There went my strutting.

pothole signs

As I reflect on my near-fall experience, I can’t help but laugh.  Life is like my walk to the restaurant.  You’re strutting your stuff one minute, stepping in a pothole the next.  It’s like Frank Sinatra’s song “That’s Life”.  “You’re riding high in April, shot down in May.”  But the key is the next line.  “But I know that I’m going to change my tune when I’m back on top in June.”

I regained my balance, composed myself, walked into the restaurant and enjoyed a fabulous lunch with two wonderful ladies.  But I suppose that’s life.  You’re strutting your stuff one minute, falling in a pothole the next.  The key is getting up, brushing yourself off, and going forward.


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