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The Success Design welcomes Jack Duffy, a Dallas/Fort Worth attorney, author and expert with over 40 years of research into the JFK assassination.  We discuss his book The Man from 2063.


Here’s a synopsis of our interview:
My interview with Jack Duffy began with him describing the premise of his book The Man from 2063.  The book  is predicated on a man who has time travel abilities and who is able to travel back to 1963, just before President Kennedy was shot, and thwart the assassination.  Of course, this is the fictional part of the book.  The rest of the book rests on Mr. Duffy’s extensive 40 year research of the assassination.

Some of the topics that we covered during our hour-long interview include several of the obscure and not-so obscure conspiracy theories that abound about the JFK  assassination.  We discussed eyewitness testimony and how most accounts conflict with the Lone Gunman theory.  Mr. Duffy claims that the medical evidence does not support the theory that there was only one shooter, nor does the photographer evidence.  Mr. Duffy also discusses the suspicious deaths of several key witnesses to the JFK assassination.  In short, Mr. Duffy is an expert who shares his knowledge and expertise with us in this hour-long episode.

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Jack Duffy is a Dallas/Ft. Worth attorney who has an extensive research background into the JFK assassination with over 40 years of research experience. Jack has interviewed many key witnesses and doctors who treated JFK at Parkland Hospital in Dallas on that fateful day.  He has also interviewed Marina Oswald, widow of Lee Harvey Oswald.  Jack has one of the largest private book collections on the JFK assassination.


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Website: www.jackgduffylaw.com

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