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The Success Design welcomes Pilar Ortiz who is an author, speaker, trainer, and entrepreneur.  In this episode, I speak to her about success and pursuing your dreams.  Additionally, we discussed her book On the Way to Success: Everybody Starts Somewhere.

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Here’s a synopsis of our interview:

To begin the interview, Pilar and I discussed her book On the Way to Success: Everybody Starts Somewhere and the inspiration for it.  She explained that she was constantly bombarded with friends and colleagues complaining that if their circumstances were different, then they would make changes.  She wrote the book to encourage everyone to start where they are, not where they want to be.

The interview had two major themes: success and pursuing your dreams.  We discussed passion and staying the course by not getting distracted by what others are doing.  Many other sub-themes were developed as the interview progressed

To end the interview, Pilar explained that her book would be translated into English in February and encouraged listeners to visit her website and leave their name and email address.  She offered to send them the first chapter free once it has been translated.

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Pilar Ortiz served twenty years as a reporter, main anchor, producer and news director in networks such as CBS Telenoticias, Univision, Caracol, RCN and 24 Horas.  She served eleven years as the News Anchor as Univision Tampa where she received the distinction of being named “Woman of the Year in the Media” in 2000.  After leaving the news business, Pilar became an author, bilingual international speaker, trainer, and entrepreneur.  Pilar remains a media expert as well as a current events and news commentator.

Pilar is president of the Professional Hispanic Women’s Association and a member of the National Speakers Association.  She is the author of the book On the Way to Success: Everybody Starts Somewhere”.

Click here to listen to our radio show interview!
Pilar’s Website: www.PilarOrtiz.com

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