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The Success Design welcomes Dr. Larry Benovitz who is a nationally known psychiatrist and author of There Is No Redo: Strategies for a Lifetime.

Dr. Larry Benovitz

Here’s a synopsis of our interview:

Dr. Benovitz and I began the interview by discussing his “Five Pillars of Life” and how they affect one’s life.  The first pillar is to accept complete and total responsibility for one’s life.  In doing so, one assumes complete power over his or her life as well.  This was very enlightening.  Dr. Benovitz went to to discuss the next four pillars in detail each unveiling a new truth about human behavior.

In the remainder of the interview, Dr. Benovitz discusses how to effectively manage time since the radio show is called “Life with No Regrets” and, according to Dr. Benovitz, time is the commodity of life.  Finally, we discussed what prevents people from living life to the fullest.  Please tune in to find out what might be holding you back!

There Is No Redo Book


At the age of six Dr. Benovitz experienced a devastating life experience when his father suddenly died. This event set off a chain reaction of experiences which proved more than a challenge to overcome. The author quickly understood the fragility of life and the precious nature of time. Undoubtedly the events of childhood were a key factor in the choice of psychiatry as his life’s work.

Click here to listen to our radio show interview
Dr. Benovitz’s Website: www.thereisnoredo.com

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