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The Success Design welcomes Susan Wingate who is a recurring guest on the show to discuss writing and marketing topics.  On this episode, Susan speaks about how to get published and stay that way through a variety of means.

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Here’s a synopsis of our interview:

Our first talking point is how to submit to publishers and agents.  Susan gives great tips about two resourceful websites where you can find publishes and agents, but cautions that you probably will need to submit to many to get a request for a full manuscript.

The next topic is writing contests.  Susan stressed that contests were very important to an author’s career because it can bolster the emerging writer and sustain the veteran writer. Winning and even placing in these contests will get you noticed.

Susan stressed the power of connections with vigor!  She pointed out connections in her own life to her mentor to her accountability partner.  She also stresses attending workshops and conferences to build connections to grow your writing network.

Always remain professional, even when you get a bad review.  This can be a hard one but it’s important to remain professional at all time because you never know who’s watching.  Ignore the bad press and move on.

And, finally, and most importantly, write daily and get work complete.  No matter how much time you spend per day on writing whether 15 minutes or 8 hours, writing daily will open up more creativity for you.

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Susan began writing as a child when she learned her father was a writer.   A vibrant public speaker, Susan offers inspiring, motivational talks about faith, the craft of writing, publishing and marketing, and how to survive in this extremely volatile ePublishing industry. She enjoys chatting with folks about her books at writing conferences, libraries and book stores around the country. She also loves to visit with book clubs for more intimate talks.


Click here to listen to our radio show interview!
Susan’s website: www.susanwingate.com

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