Where’s Your Aim?

Aim too low

Do you have goals? Do you realize that they could be inadequate?  I always thought that if I had goals, I was better than 90% of the population.  I didn’t realize that just having dreams wasn’t enough.  It’s the quality of those dreams that counts.

As Michelangelo said – the danger isn’t aiming too high, it’s aiming too low.  Now’s the time to to insert the famous Donald Trump phrase “think big” or “dream big”.  Mr. Trump says “I like thinking big. If you’re going to be thinking anything, you might as well think big.”  I must admit, I’m guilty of playing it safe and thinking small sometimes.  My goals aren’t lofty enough.  I’m not disappointed enough.  I don’t fail enough.  All these things are good for us.  They make us tougher and stronger.

My resolution as I review my goals is to make them BIG, crazy big.  I want to dream so big that it scares me.  Now that’s living!

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