|Radio Show| U.S. Olympic Gold Medalist Davis Tarwater Discusses The Swimmer Calendar

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 The Success Design welcomes U.S. Olympic Gold Medalist Davis Tarwater.  Davis won the Olympic Gold Medal in swimming in the 800 meter free relay at the 2012 Olympic Games in London.  He is now involved in a project called The Swimmer Calendar.

Davis Tarwater 2U.S. Olympic Gold Medalist Davis Tarwater

Here’s a synopsis of our interview:
This interview was comprised of two parts: Davis’ swimming career and and in-depth discussion of The Swimmer Calendar.

After years of preparation, drive, passion, and practice, Davis’ swimming career culminated in his winning the Olympic Gold Medal at the 2012 London Games in the 800 meter free relay.  After his Olympic Gold win, Davis has taken on The Swimmer Calendar project.  Its goal is to grow the sport of swimming, help the athletes, and give back to charity.  During my interview with Davis, he goes into detail about how The Swimmer Calendar seeks to achieve each of these goals.

Davis Tarwater - Competing

Click here to listen to our radio show interview!

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