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The Success Design welcomes Eric Papp, author of Leadership by Choice and world renowned keynote speaker.  Eric will speak about successful life skills that include self-management.

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Here’s a synopsis of our interview:

The topic of the interview was self-management and how to accomplish it.  In response to my question about how a person can learn how to self-manage, Eric responded that a person needs to learn failure, habit, integrity and responsibility.  He went into much detail about these concepts so tune into the show to find out more.

Eric also pointed out that self-management translates into the management of others.  This is done through leading by example.  Self-management also brings about success.  You’ll find out how when you listen to the show!

Leadership by Choice - Eric Papp


Author of Leadership by Choice, Eric Papp is a world renowned keynote speaker as well as an expert in leadership, both personal and professional.  President of Results-Based Seminars LLC, he was voted in the top 1% of management trainers in 2010.  He has been featured in the N.Y Times, USA Today, Dallas Morning News, and many other publications.  He has also produced over 9 business educational programs available on audio CD, CD Rom, and DVD.

Click here to listen to our radio show interview!

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