2014 Red Hills International Horse Trials: Days 1 and 2

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One of Tallahassee’s favorite times of year is here!  The Red Hills International Horse Trials are in full swing and the horses and riders have never looked better. Despite the heavy rain on the first day and the chilly temperatures on the second, the teams still competed in dressage and past-one of the stadium jumping completing two full days of competition. A little bad weather could not dampen the spirits of these competitors or fans!  As days one and two of the Red Hills Horse Trials come to a close, the weekend promises the bring some exciting competition as cross country and stadium jumping are on the agenda.

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Scoring After Day 2

#1  Rider:  Alexandra Knowles; Horse:  Last Call; Pens: 40.8
#2  Rider:  Boyd Martin; Horse:  Trading Places; Pens: 41.4
#3  Rider: Hannah Sue Burnett; Horse:  Harbour Pilot; Pens: 43.8

#1  Rider:  Leslie Law; Horse:  Tout de Suite;  Pens: 37.8
#2  Rider: Kristen Bond; Horse Seams Ready; Pens: 41.9
#3  Rider:  Ruy Fonseca; Horse: Tom Bombadill Too; Pens; 42.8

#1:  Rider:  Andrew Palmer; Horse: Tatendrang; Pens:  Pens 36.2
#2:  Rider:  Erin Sylvester; Horse: Paddy the Caddy; Pens 42.8
#3:  Rider:  Elisa Wallace; Horse:  Corteo: Pens: 45.4

Red Hills International Horse Trials’ Website
Ride Times

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