Jeanie Cisco-Meth: Controlling Your Habits

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The Success Design welcomes Jeanie Cisco-Meth who is an experienced teacher and author of “Bully Proofing You”.  

Jeanie Cisco-MethJeanie Cisco-Meth

Here’s a synopsis of our interview:
Habits control our everyday lives.  In this radio show, I define habits with Jeanie Cisco-Meth and find out from where they originate and how to identify them.  We also discuss what qualifies as a good habit and a bad habit.  Be sure to tune into the show to find out about these distinctions.

As part of the show’s finale, Jeanie demonstrates how someone can change their habits by walking me through an exercise that would help me change a habit.  It has been several days since this show and I must say, her direction has worked! Again, be sure to tune into the show to hear this demonstration.

Jeanie Cisco-Meth is an experienced teacher and author of “Bully Proofing You”.  Jeanie is an authority on bullying and is also a cancer survivor.

Click Here to Listen to Our Interview!

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