What’s Stopping You?

Babe Ruth

How many times have you heard someone talking about what they were planning to do?  How many times have you seen that same person fail to follow through with that same plan over and over again?  So many people are all talk and no substance.  They live their lives without action.  They spend eternity in the planning stages.  Why do so many people spend their lives preparing to live?  I can answer that question with the help of a famous baseball player.

“Never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game” – Babe Ruth

It’s fear.  Many people fear failing at life so they never even try.  They let the fear of “striking out” keep them from living or “playing the game”.   However, we must heed the advice of our great First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt who said “You must do the thing you think you cannot do”.  It’s empowering to face our fears and do what we are scared to do.  By facing our fears, we build strength and with that strength comes self-confidence and a myriad of other positive qualities that makes us strong individuals.

“Fortune favors the brave” –Latin proverb

I admire this proverb that originated in Latin and has been translated a dozen different ways.  Truer words could not have been written.  The fortunes of life shine brighter on those who choose to be courageous.  This proverb is important to remember when you are faced with the choice to confront your fear or run away.  Remember that fortune favors the brave and that you are most likely to get more out of life if you stand and face whatever tribulation lies before you.  And when you are inevitably faced with the trials of life, I hope that you are able to face them bravely and that fortune imparts its gifts onto to you abundantly.

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