Book Review: “Happy Woman Happy World” by Beate Chelette

Happy Woman Happy World by Beate Chelette

This book is a must read for males and females alike. Not only does it shed light on female relationships within their own gender, it also gives advice on how to approach them, how to form them, and, most importantly, how to navigate them. Ms. Chelette gives a brief history of feminism and then explains that today’s woman is working without a road map. She then explains that this is the cause of most of the friction in a woman’s own life as well as in female relationships.

However, the author offers two alternatives. Ms. Chelette has developed “The Women’s Code” which is a set a pillars that serve as guidelines for women to use to help center and balance their lives. She also uses a system called egoRHYTHM which helps women determine which stage of life they currently dwell and then make decisions and learn to accept life based on the stage upon which they occupy.

In short, this book is a must have for any personal library. Whether you are male or female, you will learn so much about female relationships from this book and why women do the things that they do.

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