Be Afraid Not to Try!

Afraid It seems that everywhere I look these days, I’m getting bombarded with the message that failure is okay. Failure is good. Failure means that you are trying. Putting yourself out there.  Luckily, these messages about failure are coming from the most successful among us! Many times, it is because they have failed in the past, that they are currently enjoying success. Some of the most famous “failures” that now boast quite a success story are as follows:

  • Henry Ford
  • Walt Disney
  • Winston Churchill
  • Abraham Lincoln
  • Michael Jordan
  • Oprah Winfrey
  • And so many others!

This brings me to my next point.  If we shouldn’t fear failure, what should we fear? Two words: Not Trying. Complacency and mediocrity will be the death of anyone.  If we give up on anything, we given up on part of our life. If we give up, then slowly, we die.  I know sometimes it is so easy to give in.  My advice is the resist the urge as strongly as you can and fight to stay in the game.

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