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Go For the Great!

Complacency. How familiar are you with that word?  Does it define you?  It defines a lot of people.  Once someone gets into a place that is comfortable and familiar, he or she is unlikely to want to leave that particular

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I Never Lose…

I love this non-defeatist attitude!  In life, we are not always going to get what we want, but do we have to call it losing? No, if we are smart, we can call it learning and making the entire ordeal

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Success is an Iceberg

One’s success is an iceberg.  The first 10% of it is visible to everyone while the remaining 90% is visible to only you. Very few people see the effort that you put into your success.  Things like focus, persistence, sacrifice,

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Failure Instructs – Fear Destructs

Fear is a killer.  I know that from experience.  I have let my fears interfere with many of my goals. I would have been better off failing at whatever the desired objective, than to have never tried at all.  At

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