|Radio Show| Trace Kingham: New Year’s 2015 Party Ideas

Trace Kingham

Bring in the year 2015 with a roar by planning a New Year’s party that will include games, drinks, fun and frolic. This time of the year is the best time to plan a party, as many different types of parties are arranged for New Year’s Eve.  There are theme parties, house parties, banquette parties, corporate wide events, and many more. People and Companies start planning for the New Year well in advance to have a blast.

Meet Trace Kingham:

* Featured in Brides Magazine and Columbus Home and Garden

* 18+ Years Experience Planning and Designing High Profile Events for Fortune 500 Companies

* WBNS 10tv – On-Air Contributor

* Founder and Developer of Kingham Signature Events: www.eventdesign.expert


*Trace Kingham Radio Show Interview

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