I have heard it said that worry, like guilt, is a useless emotion. I tend to agree with that statement because of the quote by Zig Ziglar above.  Worry is interest that is paid before it is due.  If you are worried about an event and it’s three weeks away, you are wasting your time and energy.  Live in the now, not worried about the future.  I once read that over 85% of what we worried about never happens anyways.  Nothing is sadder than to spend precious time worrying about an event that never happens.  To the 15% that does happen, as Paul McCartney sings with the Beatles, “Let It Be”, seriously, just let it go and let things unfold as their suppose to happen.

Worrying Takes Away Today's Peace

I understand that these things are easy to write and not easy to implement.  I, myself, am a worrier.  I play different scenarios in my head wondering which one, if any, will play itself out when the actual event occurs.  I think next time that I find myself worrying, I’m going to put on the Beatles and just let it go.



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