Forgive Yourself First

Release the need to replay a negative situation over and over again in your mind.  Don’t become a hostage to your past by always reviewing and reliving your mistakes.  Don’t remind yourself of what you should have, could have or would have been. Release it and let it go.  Move On.
~ Les Brown

As I read the above quote, I am reminded of the famous Aerosmith song Dream On in which Steven Tyler sings “The past is gone/It went by, like dusk to dawn/Isn’t that the way/Everybody’s got their dues in life to pay”.

To me, both passages mean that the past is the past. We’ve all done things that we regret, but now it’s time to move on.  I don’t understand why so many people are stuck in the past.  It’s not a very fun place to be.  Nothing new or exciting ever happens there.  It’s just the same old stuff on a different day.  Whereas, if you live in the present, there is plenty of activity.  You can truly live! You can even plan your future and imagine all that will bring.


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