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On March 14th, I saw Sir Elton John in concert in Jacksonville, Florida.  One word.  Spectacular!  The view from the fourth row from the stage was amazing to see this living legend. Sir Elton John put on a two and a half hour non-stop performance filled with his greatest hits since 1969.  His show was peppered with songs like Candle in the Wind, Tiny Dancer, Levon, Rocket Man, Your Song and countless others.

Dressed in a head-to-toe royal blue sequin suit, Sir Elton John  started the show with a long instrumental lead into his opening song thus showing off his consider piano talent.  From there, there was no stopping the knighted Englishman.

Sir Elton John was very appreciated of his fans thanking us for purchasing a ticket to his show.  His humility was gratifying.  After finishing the main set and before his encore, he even took the time to sign a some autographs and shake hands with the crowd.

It was truly an amazing night and not one that I’ll soon forget!  I have always wanted to see Sir Elton John in concert simply because of his talent.  Now I can add that I got to witness his humility and incredible generosity.

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