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Be the Best Version of You- Happy New Year 2015!

 I love the above quote: “Be the best version of you.”  After all, trying to be somebody else is just going to end in failure.  Why?  Because you were meant to be you, not someone else.  If you were meant

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Define Success

As we begin the New Year, it’s important to step back and examine what The Success Design really means.  Below are a few expressions to help define The Success Design into the New Year. Keep moving forward.  Don’t look back and don’t ever

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Exercise: Your Key to Good Health

I love to exercise.  I love the way it makes me feel while I’m exercising.  I love the way I feel afterwards.  I love the way my body looks after consistent exercise effort.  I also love the accomplishment that I

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Motivation or Lack Thereof

I’m usually very motivated and enthusiastic, overly so in some cases.  But for the past few weeks, I find myself going through the motions and not being terribly excited about anything.  I keep telling myself “this to shall pass”, but I

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My New Quotations Book: Download It for Free!

  I have just released my first book containing seven categories of quotations:  Success, Motivation, Attitude, Goals, Thoughts, Manners and Clever Remarks.  The quotations were taken from various authors admired by me.  The book may be downloaded for free or

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